Serving a diverse range of industries, we efficiently operate in delivering premium goods to facilitate your requirements, whilst ensuring unparalleled quality standards across each product that is imported.

Raw Materials/ Commodity items

Used in the production of a multitude of products, raw materials are essential to the continuity of any business and ensure the output of proper goods. The elements used as inputs to your manufacturing operations are key to determining the quality of the final product. Ensuring that our customers uphold a top-tier standard across their business, we help import raw materials of premium standards to guarantee first-rate outputs.

Canned Fish / Jack Maceral sardine canned fish

Processed and sealed fish, or canned fish, are on par with healthy standards and nutrient values as fresh fish. Rich in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids among many more nutritional values, canned fish are accepted to be as healthy as fresh fish, and sometimes more. The airtight sealed containment also aids in preserving the contents for prolonged durations with no compromise and can be enjoyed all the same

Coconut based products

Comprising an array of applicabilities and forms, coconut-based products range from semi husk coconut, RBD oil, cooking oils, cream, milk, flakes, water, and coir, to fit perfectly into your use case. In its many forms, coconut-based products remain vital and bring additional tropical goodness to elevate the method of being used. Warranting for the freshness expected through coconut-based products, we deliver superior offerings of this most sought-after element throughout industries.


Holding recognition for their cleansing properties, detergents are frequently found as a mixture which brings out cleansing characteristics when in dilute solutions such as water. Detergents are often found in many varieties, as a surfactant or a mixture of surfactants. Household and shop cleaning stands among the applications of detergents in the form of soap or powder-based detergents. To derive the finest performance of the substance, we monitor and contribute to the importation of prime standard detergents.

Personal care

Grasping a variety of products spanning from, grooming items, skincare, hair care, and moisturisers, to complementary scents, among many more, the offerings of personal care items are limitless. Enabling you to carry the best version of yourself or simply to share the confidence within the ever-growing market, we are prepared to guide you in acquiring proven and accepted personal care items from global brands and manufacturers.

Salted Dry Sprats

Palm Oil

Palm Olen products


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