Sharing the high-tone standards of Lankan goods to effectively satisfy the widespread demand of the international market. We work towards preserving the cherished characteristics of locally sourced and produced materials, to carry an unparalleled essence of the Sri Lankan locality to many nations across the globe.

Agricultural items (Fruits and Vegetables)

Fresh produce, vibrantly cultivated offering organic and nutrient-rich deliciousness. Locally produced crops in Sri Lankan receive much necessary caring and nourishment, combined with the island’s ideal climate and temperature to cultivate scrumptiously tempting selections of fruits and vegetables. Expanding the healthy goodness of our own crops, we encourage local farmers by carrying forth natural bundles of agricultural items to the export market, with the same flavourful freshness.

Coffee and tea

As an island with a plethora of emerald beds, crowded together to grow the finest teas tasted across the world, Sri Lanka has positioned a name unlike any other throughout history books till the present day, as host of the most flavourful servings of tea. The country’s supernatural climate and rich soils also aid in producing some of the best irresistible mixes of coffee grounds. Pouring the premium tasteful brew of coffee and tea to many other nations has helped us imprint a trusted name, as suppliers of that rejuvenating stir between coffee and tea.

Essential Oils

Available through a collection of scents and flavours, essential oils serve as energy boosters, stress relievers, calming elements, solutions to focus, mood boosters, immunity boosters, infection fighters, and many more applications according to its relevant flavours. There are over 90 distinct essential oils with their own unique scents, offering many health benefits.

Coconut based products

Being a well-rounded tropical nation, Sri Lanka sustains ample coconut plantations across the island. With its continuing coconut production, the country does not shy away from offering a vast selection of coconut-based products, spanning across diverse industries. Catering to industries such as the food industry, and coir industry for generations, coconut-based products hold the favour of many consumers, as these showcase many use cases whilst promoting many sustainable approaches and measures.


The highlight of any Asian household cuisine resides in the vibrant use of spices to bring that punch of flavour. Housing generations of succulent and aromatic recipes, Sri Lanka cultivates many different varieties of spices, rich in nutritional values and health benefits. Our locally sourced spices offer a distinct flavour that cannot be replicated and is purely attained by the natural goodness of Sri Lanka’s agricultural practices and complimentary nourishment by environmental components. As prominent exports of local spices, we are delighted to carry the distinct flavours of our nation, to dishes across the world and offer unmatched levels of taste and aroma.

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